Employee Satisfaction Surveys – A Waste of Money?

Many organisations today spend a great deal of resources in surveying employee satisfaction. These resources are in terms of hard cash for tools and external analysis, and the indirect opportunity costs of spending time completing surveys, debating the results and implementing actions. This money may be wasted. For sure, employee satisfaction processes measure the cross-sectional, self-perceived satisfaction levels of employees in the organisation, but this may not be enough. There is little evidence that employee satisfaction relates to traits that are needed to survive in today’s business environment.

SYNAPSE believes a change in focus from satisfaction to commitment will give a richer indication of employee’s feelings for the organisation and their place in it. A focus on commitment will give better return on investment and better indicate processes needed to address potential problems. However commitment is a complex phenomenon and care is needed to discriminate and aim processes at reinforcing the “right” type of commitment. SYNAPSE delivers surveys and analysis that enables general and specific recommendations for improvement. SYNAPSE includes this commitment focus in their HR strategy and HR process deliveries.

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