Fraud, bribery and unethical behaviour

OK, so the corporate ethical compliance policy is in place and has been communicated, we are assessing our risks, we have strong controls and monitoring systems, what could possibly go wrong? In fact, despite a decades long focus on compliance, statistics shows that in Northern European countries between 4 - 7% of GDP is lost to fraud, corruption and other unethical behaviour. This behaviour escapes the rigors of compliance, possibly because compliance is rigorous and necessarily contains loopholes. Leadership based increasingly on delegation and trust to meet the modern working environment mean that absolute control is impossible. Along with trust, training and attitude awareness is essential to avoid financial damage and, more importantly, damage to your reputation.

SYNAPSE believes that a focus on the simple, often overlooked minor discretions promotes a healthy discussion in an organisation. This discussion is value based and is part of making the organisational values real to employees. Additionally, it will define, develop and support a culture that will promote honesty and openness, and strengthen the bottom line.

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