Not Just Fun and Hangovers – External Teambuilding Processes

This note is for people intending to organise an external teambuilding event and who wants to maximise return on investment for the time and money involved. These events consist of taking groups of people out of the real organisation into a space where they can reflect over characteristics of their situation, appreciate what works well and acknowledge what needs to be changed. They also have a chance to get to know their colleagues in a new, yet safe, environment. This should always to be recognised as part of a change process – something will be different in the organisation afterwards. Teams can also be built and reinforced in their natural setting by well-designed processes.

SYNAPSE believe in the power of teambuilding exercises in promoting values, breaking down barriers and achieving results quicker. We believe that to get the most out of these exercises, a careful look at the design and process is absolutely necessary. Building on their thorough understanding of the theoretical complexities, SYNAPSE delivers good external teambuilding events that deliver value, achieve shared understanding, and are fun!

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