Why Leadership today is totally different – we are much less WIERD

Leadership theories and organisational models from the last century are likely to be out of date. They do not reflect the realities of modern society due to their genesis in ideas from the military application in industrial applications, all the while assuming that WEIRD is the norm. That is, they were developed and implemented in Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich and Developed societies. They reflect a uniformity of culture that does not exist today and they ignore the three great social experiments that have changed the very nature of work itself – and will continue to change it into the future. These are changing demographics, the tsunami of computer based innovations and changes to the design of work itself.

SYNAPSE believe that these changes mean that a re-examination of the way organisations are designed and led is both relevant and important for today’s managers. The traditional theories based on empirical work from the 20th century are rapidly becoming out of date. There are more recent theories and processes that are much more applicable. SYNAPSE understands these changes and delivers a range of leadership and team development that leads to competitive advantages for their clients.

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