SYNAPSE Management Consulting works with and through leaders to create sustainable and desirable change effects for our clients.

With the introduction of internet based systems, a changing demographic picture and profound changes in the design of work, a new type of thinking is needed in consulting. SYNAPSE calls this 20/20 thinking – the new vision needed to meet the world in the year 2020.

Organisations are complex beings and it is only with difficulty that we can understand what happens and begin to work with it. SYNAPSE identifies the following three areas as being key to success.
20/20 Change
A new way of doing things in 2020
SYNAPSE 20/20 Change: covers a range of processes and programmes that ensure changes are sustainable and profitable. We achieve this by designing processes that are inclusive and grounded in peoples’ view of the future. This results in shared understanding, a common language and motivating solutions. The work includes elements of competence management, due diligence and leadership surveys, strategy implementation, post-merger & IT system implementation.
20/20 Leadership
A new vision of leadership for 2020
SYNAPSE 20/20 Leadership: covers a range of leadership programmes that stretch from new leaders facing the complexity and ambiguity of leadership for the first time up to senior and executive leaders facing volatile and uncertain business situations and who need a thorough update. We base our work on a full range leadership model and focus on working in real and virtual teams. We create aligned and effective performance leadership processes.
20/20 Organisation
A new way of working in 2020
SYNAPSE 20/20 Organisation: covers a range of ways to organise that maximise effects for three groups – owners, organisation and employees. We believe that when these three effects are balanced, organisational structures become sustainable and profitable. We focus our work on training and experience in fields such as coaching, cultural awareness, people development, change implementation and organisational design.